What to Look for From a Mold Inspector

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Choosing a mold inspection company is an important decision for anyone who owns, manages or remodels residential properties in Southern California. A thorough, professional inspection can be the best defense against unwanted surprises if there’s the slightest suspicion that mold might be a problem. While many mold inspection companies are honest and skilled, just as many are unscrupulous firms that often employ unqualified “inspectors” or falsify test results in order to overcharge clients for unnecessary work. Here are several tips on finding an honest mold inspection company.

Test Only Mold Inspectors

Reputable mold inspection companies only perform mold testing, not mold remediation. It’s widely considered a serious conflict of interest to do both because dishonest test and repair companies often exaggerate or even create mold problems in order to overcharge for removal and repairs.

The test only business model is preferred, not only because consumers are less likely to be up-sold on costly repairs, but because a great number of these companies also offer same-day test results. Hiring a test only company or inspector will remove the likelihood of overpaying for any unnecessary mold repairs.

Additionally, the firm or inspector that conducts the inspection and air sampling should never be financially connected to a business that conducts mold remediation. Always ask a test only company up front whether they have such a relationship in place well in advance of signing any contract.

Beware Offers of Free Mold Inspections

Ethical mold inspectors never offer free mold inspections. Historically, “free” mold inspections are typically followed by a hefty price that ends up costing far more than it should. While a free inspection may sound good at first, the majority of these inspections are specifically designed to create expensive mold removal business. If and when mold is found, the seriousness of the problem and the amount of work needed to fix it can be highly exaggerated.

An honest test only inspector will present all potential clients with a price and the bill at the time of the inspection.

Post Inspection Follow-ups

Following a complete inspection of the building, which should include mold and air quality tests using specialized equipment and technology, a certified mold inspector will have all samples tested at a credentialed, independent laboratory. A comprehensive inspection report that clearly explains the lab results and offers meaningful recommendations for repair should be delivered to you later the same day by the inspector.

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