The Trouble with “Free” Mold Test Companies

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Many one-stop mold inspection and remediation companies in the greater Los Angeles area entice customers with promises of “free” mold testing and low repair prices, but consumers often end up paying extra thousands in unnecessary repairs.

Some clients believe they’re getting a deal by hiring a company that offers “free” or inexpensive mold testing, but think about it — nothing is free. A company offering both testing and remediation, unlike a test-only inspection company, has a financial incentive to find problems that may not really exist in your home, building or residential complex.

“Free” Mold Test Problems

Many companies offering free mold testing claim to find mold in your home, and then conveniently offer their own mold removal and repair services to fix the problem. What they will not tell you is that several types of mold are present in the air in every home or building. Both the levels and types of mold count, but that’s rarely specified by some unscrupulous companies. An independent test-only firm does not perform remediation work, and so does not have a conflict of interest. The only concern is to find the real trouble spots in your office, apartment building or residence.

Possibly paying thousands of dollars for bloated repair estimates or an improper or unnecessary remediation for a problem that may not even exist doesn’t make sense. Hiring an independent, certified testing service won’t leave you with a bill for a problem you possibly never had.

Mold Inspection Costs

Mold inspection fees should be expected. It’s very rare for a company to perform anything for free and still remain in business. That would be a charity case. It normally costs upward of $100 or more for an inspection when dealing with a reputable firm. Think about the overhead expenses like labor, fuel, advertising and rent. While all such companies are in business to make a profit, it’s important to effectively serve their customers by presenting a timely mold inspection report prepared by an accredited laboratory versus a free opinion about a costly repair.

Various types of mold sampling can cost more than $250, depending on the severity of the problem and the size of the building. However, they’re all necessary to determine the extent of the problem to establish future treatments. All of these tests and eventual recommendations are made by the mold inspector, based partly on tests, laboratory results, and other factors associated with the building and its occupants. To be an informed consumer, it’s important to only hire a trained, certified and experience-tested mold inspection company.

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