Why a Mold “Test Only” Company is Important

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There are various processes used to test a private home or apartment building for mold, but if you suspect you may have a problem, it’s important to consult a certified mold inspector with no ties to any mold remediation company. There are countless companies in the greater Los Angeles area that offer both mold inspections and remediation services, but it can cause a conflict of interest that homeowners and property managers should avoid.

How to Choose a “Test Only” Mold Inspector

Make certain that the mold inspector you choose has no affiliation with a mold removal contracting company — a test-only inspector will have no vested interest in the results of the inspection and tests. The outcome will be an unbiased account of the true state of your property.

Verify each mold inspector’s experience and references before choosing one. An experienced mold inspector will probably have performed hundreds of mold inspections annually, so ask for an inspector’s credentials and a list of former clients you can contact for references.

There are several easily verifiable, nationally recognized professional mold inspection certification organizations. Make sure the mold inspector’s certification is backed up by verifiable work experience and any certifications are issued by accredited educational organizations.

A reputable mold inspection company will also carry professional liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance. Additionally, the company or inspector should hold verifiable membership with at least one national trade association for mold inspection professionals — another important point.

A test only mold inspector should provide you with a written pre-inspection agreement listing all inspection and laboratory testing fees and the entire range of the inspection before work begins. Upon completion of the inspection/testing process, he or she should also provide you with a report that clearly documents the results of the visual inspection, including the location(s) and measurements taken of mold growth and the laboratory results of samples taken during the inspection.

The Benefits of Choosing an Unbiased Mold Inspector

Hiring a test only mold inspection company protects everyone concerned: the building owners, occupants and the mold remediation company (if needed). If the inspection report does indicate the need for mold remediation, the testing results will help assure that you’ll mitigate being oversold on costly and possibly unnecessary structural repairs or reconstruction by a remediation contractor.

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